Install Theme Generator Module

The Theme Generator is part of the AT Tools module. For installation and requirements details please see the Installation docs page.

Once AT Theme Generator module is installed visit the Appearance settings page. There will be a new tab "AT Theme Generator", click the tab.

Theme Generator

Generating Themes

  • Enter a unique theme name.
  • Select the type of theme - either a new theme based on the "Standard kit" or a Clone of an existing theme.

Standard Kit


  • UIKit: a SCSS user interface library to style your theme. If do not select this your theme will only include regular CSS files.
  • Color module: this will enabled basic color module support. By default the color scheme is rudimentary and relies on the "shift" method to colorize most elements in the theme.
  • Templates: Copies all the at_core twig templates to your theme, only check this option if you need to override many files. Otherwise just copy the ones you need manually when required.
  • theme-settings.php: Check this if you intend to build new custom theme settings for your theme.


Enter a description for your new theme. If no description is entered the Generator will insert a generated description for you.


Enter a version string. If no version string is entered the Generator will insert a generated description for you.


Clones are exact copies of an existing theme. After selecting Type: Clone you can choose the "Clone source", which is the theme to be cloned.

There are only two options - description and version string.

After you theme has been generated visit the "List" tab where you can enable it.