Template Overrides

Adaptivetheme provides many custom template overrides. These include modifications to support theme settings and advanced style and features provided by the core theme.

Generated Templates

In Adaptivetheme page.html.twig is generated - it is overwritten every time you save the Layout Theme Settings. The templates stored here should be considered volatile and never manually edited unless you switch off the themes Layout System and leave it off.

Customisations should be placed in row.html.twig and row-[row-name] suggestions, or others such as html, region or block templates.

See adaptivetheme/at_core/templates/layout/row.html.twig

Do not change the directory structure for generated layouts - the layout generation system relies on the location of page.html.twig: templates/generated/page.html.twig


Generated page template suggestions are stored in this directory.

Each time you create a new page suggestion the theme automatically creates a new library and layout CSS file, which is stored in styles/css/generated/.

The library is attached via the suggestion template, e.g.:

{{ attach_library('theme_name/theme_name.layout.page-[suggestion]') }}
<div{{ attributes }}>
  {{ rows }}

In effect the page suggestions are being used to load CSS rather than to provide custom markup.


A backup is always stored in your themes /backup/ directory. Backups are time stamped and never removed, so if you get a build up you can manually clear them out.

AT Core Templates

See at_core/templates/README.md for more information about AT Cores templates.

Developing with Twig

Please see: https://www.drupal.org/node/1903374